Follow the steps below to sign up for an account to begin using eTrips mobile. 

Call 1-800-984-0810 for technical support 24x7. 

To Start: 

1. If you do not have a SAFIS Account, click this link to sign up. Then click on Register New Account. 

Set up a SAFIS account

Note: If you are unable to set up an account using this link, call the 24x7 support line at 800-984-0810.

2. Download the app from the App Store on your device. See video below entitled "Downloading from the App Store". 

3. Watch the training videos below to:

  • Set Up Your Favorites 
  • Submit a Trip Report. 

4. Read through our FAQs to answer many of the most common questions. 

Frequently Asked Questions

5. Need a map of areas fished?  Areas Fished Map

6. Still have a question? Call us at 800-984-0810 or email us at 

  • To get additional information about the ACCSP you can click below.


eTRIPS mobile 2 Training Materials:

Printable Manuals:

Phones/tablet version
Windows 10 

Training Videos:

These tutorials will walk you through the setup of eTRIPS mobile :


Android and iOS 

Windows 10

Downloading from the App Store: 

Downloading from the Microsoft Store

Setting up favorites on a phone

Setting up favorites on Windows 10

Putting in and sending a report on a phone

Putting in and sending a report on Windows


eTRIPS Online (Web Based)

Link to online reporting page: Click Here

To download a manual for eTRIPS online: Click Here. 

These video tutorials will walk you through the setup of eTRIPS Online (Web based)

1. Logging into eTRIPS online 
2. Adding in Favorites online
3. Sending in Trip Reports online 

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