News Archives for October of 2018

Rollin' Rollin' Rollin'!

Published 10/01/2018

The MAFMC roll out of electronic reporting for the For Hire fleet was a success! As the 2018 fishing season slows down for fishermen from Maine to Virginia, this year changed the way these Captains report their catch. Traditionally, these catch reports were done on paper forms, mailed into GARFO for review. This process made the...

South Atlantic Moving Closer to Electronic Trip Reports

Published 10/09/2018

Harbor Light has been hitting the road providing outreach to Captains in anticipation of a Final Rule from NMFS that would require for hire captains who hold South Atlantic fishing permits to report their catch electronically.    The proposed rule would be similar to the rule the MAFMC put in place starting in March of 2018. The MAFMC...

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