American FIsheries Society 2018

Published 08/15/2018

Each year hundreds of industry representatives and fisheries stakeholders converge in one location to talk about all things related to the ocean. Atlantic City, NJ hosted this years conference and HLS was asked to attend and speak about electronic reporting.  

The presentations given by HLS was entitled "Public/Private Partnership for Cost Effective Electronic Reporting Solutions Fitting the needs of Multiple Partners" and "The Implications of Post Implementation Support in Program Success" A long way of saying HLS can work in concert with government agencies to build software products in a cost effective manner. HLS can also support those products utilizing a 24/7 helpdesk. 

The conference brought together the best of the best, as people shared their ideas, their projects and their lessons learned. HLS was grateful for the opportunity to present many of the projects we have done in the past few years along with how we supported the roll out of For Hire Electronic Reporting mandate of the MAFMC. It was exciting to see people from across the United States that have been involved in HLS projects in the past or are working with us on projects currently! 


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