Dockside Reporter.... Full Steam Ahead!

Published 11/08/2018

The past few month have been busy for Harbor Light. The helpdesk has been in full swing with the MAFMC for-hire electronic reporting mandate. We have been working on the much anticipated eTRIPS 2 (Phones/Win 10), and  we have been spending a great deal of time on Dockside. Although we are uncertain of its final name, Dockside is quickly becoming one of the hottest apps from the ACCSP.  Dockside is an electronic version of the MRIP Access Point Angler Intercept Survey (APAIS). APAIS is a coastwide program with coordination from the ASMFC and and the ACCSP. 

The survey, which used to be done using a paper form, is conducted at public marine fishing access points to collect individual catch data, including species identification, length/weight measurements of individual fish and some angler specific information about the fishing trip and the anglers themselves. From these angler-interviews a catch per trip estimate (cpue) can be made for each type of fish encountered. These cpue estimates are combined with the effort estimates by sampling stratum to produce the catch and harvest estimates. Sound confusing? 

The project was not an easy one. HLS had to come up with a tablet interface design that would allow trained field staff to conduct interviews quickly, efficiently and accurately. After much feedback from the ACCSP team  and state field staff, Dockside is almost ready for prime time. 

Dockside will be deployed into the field in all states along the east coast. Field staff will continue to give feedback and tweaks will be made  within the software. This project will greatly reduce the data upload times along with improving accuracy in the field. Feedback will be gathered and we will continue to improve upon the Dockside application as we move into the 2019 season. 


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