eDR/mobile Training in Maine

Published 06/01/2016

Department of Marine ResourcesSAFIS eDR/mobile Training in Maine

Harbor Light's co-founder, Fran Karp, spent a day last week in beautiful Boothbay Harbor Maine, providing SAFIS eDR/mobile training to employees at the State of Maine Department of Marine Resources.  Maine is ready to roll out this system to dealers on select species, including scallops, clams, sea urchins, and elver.

At this training session the attendees were able to work with the software on all three platforms: Windows, iOS and Android.  These staff members will now head out to train dealers across the state on using this software.

Why do we take the time to do on-site training?  

The benefits of on-site training are two-fold:

  1. Our clients get one-on-one time working with Fran and using the software.
  2. We get valuable feedback from users who are seeing the system for the first time. 

This user feedback is essential to the product's future development. Our goal is to insure that the software is easy-to-use, and continues to meet the needs of those in the field. 

Better Data = Better Environment.Maine DMR Harvester Card

A little insight into how eDR/mobile helps to protect the environment.  Harvesters have a state-issued ID card that contains their permits and licensing data.

When the harvesters come to sell their products, they swipe their ID cards.  Information on species, weight and location of the catch are logged in, and then transferred to the ACCSP.  From there, state and federal regulators have access to this data so that they can make sound environmental decisions on Maine’s marine ecosystem.

 Thanks to the Staff! 

Thanks to Rob Watts and his staff at the Landings Program of the Maine Department of Marine Resources. Rob, a Marine Scientist, worked with Harbor Light to develop and implement eDR/mobile in Maine. He and his team provided valuable input that helped to make eDR/mobile a better product. 

Rob has a unique perspective on preserving Maine’s natural resources.  The view from the offices where Rob works looks out across the harbor to where he grew up. He has fished in the water off of Boothbay Harbor his whole life. He understands first-hand how important it is to protect the ocean environment and the sea life there.

It’s a Team Effort.

And we are proud to be part of the team. Fran is scheduled for regular visits to meet with the Landings Program team. Harbor Light is committed to the successful transition to electronic reporting. Our ongoing support and training helps our clients to reach their goal of accurate and timely data reporting.

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