Electronic APAIS released in North Carolina today!

Published 01/02/2019

Today, the ACCSP is releasing Dockside Interceptor for live APAIS interviews in North Carolina. Dockside Interceptor, built by Harbor Light Software for the ACCSP,  is an Android application intended to be used on a tablet, The App enables State APAIS interviewers to record and transmit angler intercept data electronically, rather than on paper forms. The tablet features built-in logic that hinders introduction of errors during data entry. Electronic data transmission will eliminate time spent on shipping and scanning paper forms, reducing ACCSP’s processing time by two to three weeks.

The APAIS survey is a critical component of the Marine Recreational Information Program (MRIP), used to estimate the number of fish caught  and harvested by recreational anglers as well as a way to validate for hire logbook data. The entire Atlantic Coast will utilize the Dockside Interceptor App in 2019.

HLS completed a large amount of work both building and field testing the application in 2018 and is excited to see the app roll out into live production this week. 

HLS will continue to improve upon Dockside Interceptor in 2019, as it continues a project with the state of Rhode Island to complete the APAIS Headboat survey and incorporate voice-to-text technology. Exciting year ahead! 

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