First Vessel Trip Report Submitted!

Published 04/12/2016

Harbor Light Software would like to congratulate Joe Tangel from  King Cod Fishing for sending in the FIRST electronic Vessel Trip Report (VTR) to the Greater Atlantic Regional Fisheries Office (GARFO). King Cod Fishing is located in Moriches Inlet, NY.  

This successful report submission was the result of over two years of product testing and development. Electronic trip reporting replaces the time-consuming paper forms that the fishermen were previously required to submit to GARFO.

The software application that makes electronic trip reporting possible is SAFIS eTRIPS/mobile. This tablet-based software was developed by Harbor Light for the Atlantic Coastal Cooperative Statistical Program (ACCSP), and is now available for download from the Apple App Store.  

"Captain Joe was a natural when it came to training. He was a great candidate for testing the software," says Fran Karp, Harbor Light Software's Director of Customer Support. During development, he submitted both paper and electronic trip reports for King Cod. It is the input of Captain Tangel and other dedicated fishermen from Rhode Island and Connecticut that makes eTRIPS/mobile efficient and effective.

Congrats Captain Tangel! You made headlines at the ACCSP office on March 17th when they saw the first transmission to GARFO go live! Thanks for all the work you did in making this a reality for fishermen along the entire East Coast!

Fish On!!!

*Boat photo courtesy King Cod Fishing.

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