Harbor Light + Lehigh University = Innovation

Published 10/18/2016

Lehigh University Technical E

Harbor Light Software has once again partnered with Lehigh University's Technical Entrepreneurship Capstone Program.  This program brings together students in Engineering, Business & Design to work with sponsor companies to find solutions to business problems.

This year, the Lehigh students were challenged with creating tools for marine data collection. The project spanned two semesters. During the first semester, the focus is on research and business plan development. The second semester centers on creating a working prototype of their design. 

Technical Entrepreneurship Capstone is a set of courses that allows students from any college at Lehigh to work with students from other disciplines on a real-world industry-sponsored project. Each project team has an advisor and, together with an industry mentor, follows the proven Integrated Product Development (IPD) process created by Lehigh University. The process begins with identifying a problem and from there formulates it into a business opportunity. The process encourages innovative ideas to generate creative solutions. The program provides the resources to fabricate, build and test the best solution for technical, social, economic and personal relevance and value. Undergraduates can spend two or three semesters on this project.  Source: www.lehighipd.com

As a sponsor company, Harbor Light provides support and guidance to the students as they work through the challenges of product development. This year's project received so much interest, that two student teams were created to take on the task.

Harbor Light received a grant from the Southside Bethlehem Keystone Innovation Zone (KIZ) to help fund the teams. The KIZ supports innovation and entrepreneurship to early-stage companies.  

The students will present their completed projects in December as part of their final exam. Fellow students, academic advisors, and sponsor companies will be part of the presentation review. 

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