HLS Landing in FL for the ASMFC 74th Annual Meeting

Published 11/13/2015

This month, HLS was asked to speak at the 74th ASMFC annual meeting in St. Augustine, Florida.  HLS spoke to the committee members about the ongoing project with NROC, George LaPointe Consulting and SeaPlan. This project is collecting catch and effort locations from charterboat captains from Connecticut, New York and Rhode Island. As new developments such as wind turbines and ocean aquaculture, are proposed in our waterwasy, there is a need for better informaton regarding the party and charter fishering industries. Click here to read more about this joint project.

While attending the ASMFC meeting in Florida, HLS took time to attend the Ft. Lauderdale Boat Show! While at the show, HLS bumped into Bare Bones Charters. Captain Steve Anderson was one of the many Captains who participated in the Joint Spatial Characterization Project in New England and he continues to be a part of the project collecting data on each of his fishing trips. 


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