How Do You Make a Better Lobster Trap?

Published 06/27/2016

With better data, of course!


Announcing Trapper, the latest product from Harbor Light Software.  Developed for a research project at the University of Rhode Island, Trapper is a data collection tool to help analyze the effectiveness of new lobster trap designs. 

 How do you determine what makes a lobster trap most effective?  The goal of a successful trap is to easily catch multiple lobsters, keep the lobsters healthy, and reduce the amount of other marine life (by-catch) trapped inside.  

This data-gathering tool was loaded onto Android tablets and given to lobster fishermen in Rhode Island. These lobstermen were then able to electronically document the catch of experimental traps vs. traditional traps. The results were recorded onboard the boats while they were out on the water. 

The data collected was then emailed back to the University of Rhode Island for further analysis. There was no need for pen and paper, or for manual tabulation of results. All information was documented, tallied and sent electronically.

What kind of data is used in this research? The analysis of the lobster catch is based on these criteria:    

  • Species of Lobster
  • Length
  • Sex
  • Shell hardness

The GPS Location is also recorded for the trap location and ocean depth. A field for notes is included to record information on the by-catch products, as well as any additional comments about the trap and its contents.

Harbor Light is dedicated to developing custom software solutions to meet your data collection needs. We know that better data means a better environment. 









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