It's a SCRUMMY job, but some one has to do it!

Published 03/26/2019

Recently HLS began instituting daily SCRUM calls. For those of you not deeply immersed in the newest software development acronyms, SCUM is a development methodology that allows a team to self-organize and make changes quickly. 

These daily 08:30 video calls (yes VIDEO calls) have, in my opinion, brought us together as a team. We are able to compliment a teammate on a good looking shirt or  feel the raw nose of a teammate suffering from a never ending cold. It is our bonding time, we enjoy our quick calls and most importantly, it is working.

The team has come together, all day into the evening, and each weekend to make sure we hit our deadlines with the best possible product. No one is falling behind, no one complains, we help each other. In fact, I feel our SCRUM call excitement us each morning, like a pep talk before the game.  

These morning SCRUMS are to facilitate the building of eTRIPS mobile 2 for the ACCSP. Available on iOS and Android tablets and phones, along with Windows 10 support, eTRIPS 2 is scheduled to be available for download this Spring.

I look forward to seeing my SCRUMmates each morning... in whatever condition the day finds them in. We are a team and together we can make great things happen! 

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