Much More than an eTRIPS Bug Fix

Published 06/17/2020

Last week I traveled to the Montauk area of New York to meet with a Captain who had been experiencing odd and unreproducible issues when using eTRIPS mobile. The issues had been haunting him (and me) since the last fishing season. The trip was also an opportunity for me to update him to eTRIPS mobile 2, the newest eTRIPS mobile platform for the ACCSP’s electronic trip reporting. eTRIPS mobile 2 can be used on iOS and Android phones/iPads and Windows 10 devices. (click here for more info) 

Meeting with fishermen is one of the best parts of my job, but in this case, it was extra special. The Captain, Tom Cusimano, of the Sea Wife IV, is the type of guy who is going to tell you what he thinks. Good or bad, you know where you stand, and I liked that about him.  

After spending time chasing down the issue Tom was experiencing, I was able to finally jump for joy when we discovered the bug that would only have affected Tom due to the accounts set up on his device. Finding the bug and fixing it for him was, of course, the main purpose for my journey, but the trip out to see Tom was much more to me.  

I had grown particularly fond of Capt. Cusimano through texts and phone calls over the past year and a half. I felt I had a made a friend and I was right. The time spent with Tom that afternoon was nothing short of delightful. I was able to get to know him as a person and not just a Captain on the other end of a phone. Under the rough exterior of a seasoned fisherman was a kind, generous and very thoughtful man who made me laugh. I knew that the trip meant more to me than Tom may have understood. First, I would be able to sleep better at night knowing Tom’s experience this fishing season would be better, but more importantly, this opportunity brought me into contact with someone special. Tom is the type of person who you want in your corner when things go bad. He would have your back and not desert you. Those qualities in a person are not always easy to find and I had found a gem.  

Having to catch a Ferry back to Connecticut, I packed up and said goodbye to my new friend Tom and his dog Molly. The time spent with him would stay with me longer than just that day. Sometimes, long hours of working out issues, or weekends spent helping Captains up and down the east coast can wear you down. Having a day like I did with Captain Cusimano makes those days fade away. I will be back to visit Tom and meet his wife Trish some time later this year. I am thankful that my work provided me the opportunity to meet Tom in person and call him my friend. Sometimes, the fisherman can be the ones that are most helpful to the spirits of the people who serve on our help desk. Thank you Tom!  


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