Reports are DONE...and it was FUN!

Published 07/18/2016

 Persuader II"For the first time in 30 years, my reports are up-to-date!" 


Just days after installing the trip reporting software, this captain was hooked!

Much to his surprise, using eTRIPS/mobile was easy and fun, says Captain Denny Dillon. Denny runs the Persuader II Charter boat out of Narragansett, Rhode Island.  

He has become a big fan of eTRIPS/mobile in a very short time.

Denny had grown weary of writing and re-writing data in order to put together his trip reports.  He dreaded it so much, he would get around to it...eventually.

Now that he has his tablet onboard, he has his trip reports ready to submit by the time he gets back to the docks. What used to be a tedious and frustrating process has become a quick and easy one.

Previously, he marked up paper maps on the boat in order to record each trip's catches. Now, he taps the tablet a few times, and all of that data is recorded and ready to be submitted to the ACCSP. Other captains are having the same type of experience, finding that electronic reporting is a big time saver.

Rather than jotting down random notes, or using a complicated paper form, these captains are collecting the required data on iPads and Android tablets. Instead of scrawling notes about catch information, they now select the box to record gear, species, and disposition.

Find out how easy reporting can be. Click to see the training videos: ACCSP eTRIPS/mobile Training.

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