Spotlight ON: eDealer Testing with Chatham Shellfish Company

Published 04/14/2016

Spotlight on: eDealer/mobile Testing with Chatham Shellfish Company

We couldn't develop software without the support of our partners who test our products in development.

One such company is the Chatham Shellfish Company, who has been instrumental in the development of our dealer reporting software, SAFIS eDealer/mobile (eDR/mobile).  This product was initiated by the state of Massachusetts to electronically record dealer transactions. Who better to test dealer reporting software than a busy dealer?









In the pictures shown here, Harbor Light's Fran Karp completes training with Lisa Richards and Steven Wright. Fran sets up the eDR/mobile on various tablets and smartphones for testing by the staff at Chatham Shellfish. 

Chatham Shellfish's Steven and Lisa have been working with Harbor Light to test the application for almost a year. Chatham Shellfish Company is located in Chatham, Massachusetts, on the elbow of Cape Cod.  They have been cultivating oysters since 1976, and are well-known in both regional and national markets.  They appreciate the value of electronic reporting, which saves them time and energy providing necessary data to the state.

The basis of eDR/mobile is state issued ID cards. These ID cards have permit numbers and vessel information for each harvester. The cards are read by the dealers using a swipe card reader or barcode scanning software in the app to streamline data entry.  


What makes eDR/mobile even more efficient?  This software addresses two areas of functionality required by the state. It not only provides a platform for catch and effort data; it also can record information needed by the Department of Public Health. This public health data includes Time of Harvest, Time of Icing, and Temperature at Receiving. 

After using pen and paper for all of their previous reporting, we asked Steve and Lisa to test the usability of the software, and how it functions on a phone or tablet. Their feedback, as well as that of Island Creek Oysters, and Plymouth Rock Oyster Growers, was vital to building eDR/mobile.

Future designs of this product will be based on this input as we move on to other states, including Maine, which is slated for testing in 2016. 


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