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First Vessel Trip Report Submitted!

Published 04/12/2016

Harbor Light Software would like to congratulate Joe Tangel from  King Cod Fishing for sending in the FIRST electronic Vessel Trip Report (VTR) to the Greater Atlantic Regional Fisheries Office (GARFO). King Cod Fishing is located in Moriches Inlet, NY.   This successful report submission was the result of over two years of product testing and development. Electronic trip...

HLS Chosen to Write eTRIPS Mobile For the ACCSP

Published 12/15/2014

Harbor Light Software was chosen by the ACCSP to build their catch and effort data collection application called eTRIPS mobile. This application will be built across three platforms, Microsoft, Apple and Android. eTRIPS allows fishermen to create trip reports after entering in the required fields in their trip, effort and catch categories. Trip reports, or...

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