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It's a SCRUMMY job, but some one has to do it!

Published 03/26/2019

Recently HLS began instituting daily SCRUM calls. For those of you not deeply immersed in the newest software development acronyms, SCUM is a development methodology that allows a team to self-organize and make changes quickly.  These daily 08:30 video calls (yes VIDEO calls) have, in my opinion, brought us together as a team. We are able...

Electronic APAIS released in North Carolina today!

Published 01/02/2019

Today, the ACCSP is releasing Dockside Interceptor for live APAIS interviews in North Carolina. Dockside Interceptor, built by Harbor Light Software for the ACCSP,  is an Android application intended to be used on a tablet, The App enables State APAIS interviewers to record and transmit angler intercept data electronically, rather than on paper forms. The tablet...

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