Sea Plan Study Uses Harbor Light Software's SAFIS eTRIPS/mobile.

Published 06/30/2016

Sea Plan announced the results of their Northeast 2015 Pilot Party and Charter Vessel Mapping Study in their May/June 2016 newsletter. The goal of this project was to support regional planning and fisheries management in the area. Spatial information with catch and effort data was gathered using onboard tablets running SAFIS eTRIPS/Mobile. The study included information from...

How Do You Make a Better Lobster Trap?

Published 06/27/2016

With better data, of course!   Announcing Trapper, the latest product from Harbor Light Software.  Developed for a research project at the University of Rhode Island, Trapper is a data collection tool to help analyze the effectiveness of new lobster trap designs.   How do you determine what makes a lobster trap most effective?  The goal of a successful trap...

Coast Guard's First Look at eTRIPS/mobile!

Published 04/21/2016

Coast Guard Reviews First Electronic Trip Report!   When the U.S. Coast Guard boarded The Seven B's V headboat to do a routine check, they were in for a surprise. When they asked for the trip report, they expected to review a paper copy. Captain Andy Dangelo handed them an iPad instead!  It was the first time the Coast Guard saw...

Spotlight ON: eDealer Testing with Chatham Shellfish Company

Published 04/14/2016

Spotlight on: eDealer/mobile Testing with Chatham Shellfish Company We couldn't develop software without the support of our partners who test our products in development. One such company is the Chatham Shellfish Company, who has been instrumental in the development of our dealer reporting software, SAFIS eDealer/mobile (eDR/mobile).  This product was initiated by the state of Massachusetts to electronically...

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