eFin Logbook is now available for iOS & Android phones & tablets! 

For years, Harbor Light has worked to build easy-to-use applications for the collection of fisheries data. As we spoke to fishermen from all areas of the country we found a common question:

"Can you build an easy-to-use app that keeps a record of my fishing trips and helps me to fish better?"

Bill Spain, co-founder of Harbor Light, gave the same answer he has given for years. "Sure...it's just software." 

Fishermen no longer have to keep bulky and inefficient paper records for their trips. By using eFin, an electronic fishing logbook, anglers can record all trip and catch information (pictures too!) on a smartphone or tablet.

Questions? Scroll down for eFin FAQs, below... 

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eFin Logbook BASIC 

  • Date

  • Time

  • Species

  • Catch Length

  • Bait Used

  • Vessel Name

PLUS! eFin Logbook PRO 

  • Photos

  • Weather Conditions & Forecasting

  • Maps & Tracking

  • GPS Location 

eFin Logbook Frequently Asked Questions: 

How does eFin Logbook work?

The eFin Logbook organizes and documents your fishing data by trips.  You can start a new trip entry by either taking a photo of a catch, or by tapping the + (add) button.


Can I use it out in the ocean?

Yes, you don’t need a cell signal for the app to work.


Do I have to input all of my information each time I use the app?

No, you can set up your favorites so that you can select from a list of your most frequently used items for the species, bait, and vessel.


How do I set up my favorites?

On the home screen, select the navigation menu in the upper right-hand corner (three horizontal lines). This menu will open the categories where you can select your favorites. Add your frequently fished species, as well as favorite bait & vessel names. Select the category and type in your favorites by tapping the + (add) button.


How do I record the weather when I catch a fish?

You don’t have to!  The weather will be automatically updated from a local station after you’ve entered an area where you have internet access.


How do I record my location?

The eFin Logbook does this automatically!  Based on the GPS from your phone or tablet, eFin uploads a map of your location and charts your route as you go. 


How do I see where I’ve been?

You can see your tracks either for a single trip by tapping the map button on the trip page, or you can see your tracks for a period of time by going to the map menu item.   The map menu item will allow you to configure your start and end date for your location.


I’m ready to GO FISHING. How do I start a trip?

Open eFin, and tap on the + (add) button on the Home Page


How to I record a catch?

By taking a photo or just recording the information manually.


How do I take a photo?

Tap the camera icon in the center of the lower portion of the Trip Page. This action will start the camera app on your phone.  Then take a picture as you normally would with your phone. The picture is added to your catch listing in eFin.        


Will the app stop working if I go out of cell service range?

The application will keep working if you go out of cell service range.  All of your information is stored locally on your phone and it will continue to track your location using GPS signals from GPS satellites.


 How do I end a trip?

The trip page will show buttons "Start a trip", "End a trip" or to "Restart a trip" that you previously marked as ended. Once a trip that has been started, eFin will automatically update the start and end times.


What if I am fishing off of a single spot on the pier or the beach, but I’m not taking a trip?

You still can chart your day’s activities.  Create a trip, and just use the “trip” as a way of organizing your catches for that day.


Can I use eFin on lakes and streams?

Yes, you can. However, at this time, eFin is optimized for salt water fish species.  We will be adding support for freshwater species in a future release. 


How do I get help if I have a problem with eFin Logbook? 

Please let us know and we will have one of our support staff get in touch with you.  To contact Harbor Light, select the 'Contact Us' option from the navigation menu and fill in your questions there.