eTRIPS Mobile 2

eTRIPS mobile 2 was custom built by Harbor Light Software for the ACCSP ( Now available for download on Android and iOS phones, tablets and Windows 10 devices.  

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Available on iOS and Android Phones/Tablets & Windows 10 devices. 

Harbor Light Software, at the direction of the ACCSP, has built a mobile based application that allows captains to capture their catch and effort data while at sea; independent of a full-time internet connection. The application lets captains be in compliance with vessel trip reporting requirements. 

Available to be used on iOS and Android phones and tablets along with a Windows 10 version. eTRIPS mobile 2 proves that one app CAN fit all, with ease. 


eVTR Reporting App
eTrips mobile 

If you are a GARFO, South Atlantic or Gulf Captain, looking to sign up for eVTR reporting, you are at the right place. We can help you from start to finish. We have a 24x7 help desk staff to answer any questions.

Call 800-984-0810 or email

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NEW! eFIN Logbook and Collecting Tilefish Data

Harbor Light's eFIN Logbook has received certification from NOAA fisheries as an approved application through which anglers can report their tilefish catch. All vessel operators targeting or retaining golden or blueline tilefish from VA to ME are now required to obtain a permit from NOAA and submit electronic vessel trip reports within 24 hours of returning to port.


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Awards and Clients

Harbor Light Software is working with governmental agencies, non-governmental agencies and various associations to build software to fit their needs. We are well-known for our application innovations and custom tailored customer service during the process.

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Some of our clients include: 
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